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Greensolar ECO-series
Greensolar s-series supreme
Titanium (tinox) t-series
Premier (ETA Plus) P-Series
vacuum tubes
Leader Pumps
Water Guard


High performance vacuum tubes

GreenSolar solar thermal tubes maintain a superior vacuum over a longer period of time through:

High quality glass – unique properties give good transmissibility with low reflection losses and increased durability.

Superior vacuum – by creating a vacuum of 10-6 bar within the tube, thermal losses caused by conduction and convection are eliminated.

Glass to metal seal – unique fusing process for durability.

A dry heat pipe collector for ease of installation and maintenance. The dry connection between manifold and tube means the tubes can be easily fitted and replaced without draining down the solar system. The system consists of two separate circuits, one in each individual tube inside the heat pipe and one through the manifold into the hot water tank. A unique temperature limitation device gives added system protection.



The revolutionary new design of the Direct Flow GS-V Series product offers a modern and flexible alternative to the rigid manifold system. Quick and easy to install, thethe tubes are simply clicked together to create solar collectors of various size.





  • 100% European design and manufacture;
  • Use best-in-class or high quality materials;
  • Extreme high efficiency products η0 > 76%;
  • Hail impact resistant to EN12975;
  • Long term performance and durability;
  • All products witth European Solar Keymark;
  • Select products CSTB and SRCC certified.
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