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Premier (ETA Plus) P-Series

GreenSolar Premier P-Series solar heater is designed for residential solar water heating system and all solar heating projects. Similar in design and outlook as the Titanium T Series, the difference lies in the collector wherein the materials used are different but is of equal quality. Again, this collector is suitable for installation in all climatic areas and it provides an ideal and cost effective option for solar water heating system.

This new generation absorber is made of aluminium fin and copper tubes coated with a highly selective and high efficient blue ETA plus coating from Bluetec, Germany.

ETA Plus was tested as per ISO/CD12592.2 in a test procedure from IEA task x to evaluate the long term durability of solar absorber coatings. Here, the minimum service life of the absorber coating is defined as 20 years. Similar to the T-Series, the coated fins and riser tubes are welded using the latest ultrasonic technology.

The blue ETA Plus is produced using a particularly environmentally sound process. The sputter process generates no chemical and is completely emission free.

ETA Plus features some special qualities:-

  • 95% absorption, 5% thermal emission ensuring a high heat absorbing and conductivity ratio;
  • Exceptional aging stability and temperature resistance; and
  • Outstanding homogeneity of the coating over the entire material width.

CFC Free phenolic foam insulation board with an additional layer of aluminium foil is used on the sides and bottom section of the collector. Due to its excellent low thermal conductivity at 0.023w/m.k, this heat retention material minimises any heat loss arising from the collector. To maximise heat retention, an extra layer of 20mm fiberglass wool is added, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the solar water heating system.

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