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Heat Pump

  1. High-efficient and energy saving
    Using energy efficient compressors and heat exchanger of 316 stainless steel material welded plate and S&C. Comprehensive energy consumption is only 65% of the solar energy water heater, 25% of electric water heater, considerable cost to save, initial investment to withdraw in short-term.
  2. Safe and reliable
    Hydropower isolation, no produce exhaust. Prevent leakage and gas poisoning, Integration design, system completely welding airtight, without refrigerant pipe connections, more simple and reliable installation.
  3. Flexible configuration
    The unit and tank flexible configuration. Different water tank to choose, pressure or open type connected to meet the different demands of clients.
  4. Environment Friendly
    Using refrigerant 410A, no damage, environment friendly.
  5. Three-core design (Combination with three heat sources)
    Heat pump, electric auxiliary heat and solar integrated together (optional). When sunny, heat pump does not work, otherwise, pump start-up. Super energy- saving and supply hot water in any weather.
  6. Advanced technologies
    Built-in WILO water pump, with functions of outage memory, automatic water filling and water level control, automatic detection filling pressure and pressurization control, with the protections of water flow, compressor discharge, system pressure ,power supply fault and lack of phase, freeze protection, unloading start and automatic defrost.
  7. Automatic cleaning
    Patent technology, unit cleans finned automatically every 72 hours, air heat exchanger will be the most efficient working, avoiding artificial maintenance.
  8. Simple operation
    Intelligent design, LCD display, simple operation, free setting during 30C~60C and cycle timing set on/off freely.
  9. Quiet running
    Using efficient, low-noise rotary, closed scroll compressors and low noise fan, ensure quiet running.
  10. Working environment
    Applicable to - 15C~45C the outdoor harsh environment temperature, all-weather work.
  11. Wide application
    Widely used for room radiant, floor heating, schools, factories, apartment, sauna, SPA association, beauty salon. fitness center, guesthouse, hotel, hospital, senior residential, swimming pools, factories, farms, greenhouse production process etc, can replace the fuel gas boiler and heating boilers, water equipment etc.

  • Side fan direction type or top fan direction type for option
  • Integral type or split type for option, water system entirely indoor, completely solved the problem of the water system freezing in cold weather, particularly suitable for cold areas
  • Additional water storage tank for option
  • The tank is available to have gas coil or water coil equipped inside for external heating source, such as heat pump or solar heater, and also available to has additional electrical heater
  • LCD or LED or Dot Matrix touch screen wire controller for option.
  1. Aesthetically appearance
    Adopts streamline appearance, combined with indoor decoration, higher - class, long-life.
  2. Economic and practical
    Using energy efficient compressors, low operation cost. Comprehensive power consumption is only 65% of the solar energy water heater, 25% of electric water heaters.
  3. Environment Friendly
    Using environmentally friendly refrigerants for domestic water heating, no-pollution, no emissions of exhaust residue.
  4. Safety and reliable
    Separation from water and electricity, no produce exhaust, no combustion emissions to prevent leakage and gas poisoning. Integration design, fully welded closed refrigeration system, without refrigerant pipe connections, more simple and reliable installation.
  1. Attractive appearance and easy installation
    With streamline appearance and stainless steel shell design and install in outdoor or other a good ventilated place, integrate tank with heat pump to one unit, easy to install and save the installation.
  2. With dynamic water flow cycle heating system
    With water flow cycle heating system, which can make the heat pump higher efficiency than traditional statical coil heating system and the COP can be 3.63
  3. High efficient and energy saving
    Besides the advantage of structure, this heat pump use AC single inlet type centrifugal blower instead of traditional fan blade, which make the air heat exchange greatly raised.
  4. Design of horizontal fan direction
    With horizontal fan direct design, avoid the snow and rain and other obstacle flowing into the heat pump, unit work in any weather.
  5. Safe reliable and long operating life, good durability
    This heat pump is Fully welded steel tank and use double-tube heat exchanger, which can make the heat pump has longer operating life than traditional static heating type all in one heat pump.
  6. Wide application
    This heat pump has series of product with different volumes to meet different demands by ordinary households, factory, school, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons, laundries and so on, and it will work in temperatures from as low as -10C to 43C during day and night.
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